Decision in brief: Go-To Developments Holdings Inc, Enforcement Proceeding, Request for Confidentiality Order, December 12, 2023

M. Cecilia Williams (chair of the panel), Sandra Blake
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Applicants / Respondents:
Go-To Developments Holdings Inc., Go-To Spadina Adelaide Square Inc., Furtado Holdings Inc. and Oscar Furtado

In this enforcement proceeding, OSC staff alleges that Oscar Furtado and companies he controls defrauded investors, and that he misled staff when he was questioned during their investigation.

In an earlier related decision the Tribunal dismissed Furtado’s request to delay the start of the merits hearing. The Tribunal partially granted his request that the hearing and documents provided to the Tribunal be kept confidential.

The Tribunal’s practice is to deliver decisions to the parties 24 hours before publication on the Tribunal website.

After receiving that earlier decision, Furtado asked that it be kept confidential temporarily to give him time to consider privacy issues. Furtado also asked that the Tribunal reconsider what parts of the hearing and documents should be confidential.

The Tribunal decided that it would not keep its decision confidential, and that it does not have the authority to reconsider its decision. The Tribunal does have the authority to correct typographical errors and did correct one error pointed out by Furtado. 

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