Decision in brief: Kallo Inc., Enforcement Proceeding, Motion to strike the statement of allegations, May 17, 2024

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James Douglas (chair of the panel), Russell G. Juriansz, Dale R. Ponder
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Kallo Inc., John Cecil and Samuel Pyo

In this enforcement proceeding, the Commission alleges that Samuel Pyo committed fraud, and misled the Commission during its investigation.

Pyo says that the Tribunal should strike out (cancel) the Commission’s statement of allegations because the allegations made by the Commission in its statement of allegations, even if they were true, are not detailed enough to allow him to properly understand why the Commission says he committed fraud or misled the Commission. He also says that the Tribunal should dismiss (permanently end) the enforcement proceeding against him because it is frivolous or vexatious.

The Tribunal decided that the Commission should provide more details to Pyo about how the Commission says he committed fraud so that he may defend himself.

The Commission provided enough detail in its statement of allegations of how it says Pyo misled the Commission during the investigation.

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