Order: Joseph Debus, File No. 2019-16




M. Cecilia Williams, Commissioner and Chair of the Panel      

  File No. 2019-16

  December 2, 2020



WHEREAS the Ontario Securities Commission (the Commission) held a hearing in writing to consider a motion brought by Staff of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) for an order declining to admit evidence proposed to be introduced by Joseph Debus (Debus) at the hearing of his application for hearing and review, which was not included in the record of the original proceeding;

ON READING the written materials filed by IIROC Staff and Staff of the Commission, no responding materials being filed by Debus;

IT IS ORDERED, for reasons to follow, that:

  1. Debus shall not be permitted to examine the five individuals named in his witness list filed with the Commission on October 15, 2020, at the hearing and review in this matter; and
  2. the proposed documentary evidence set out by Debus in his correspondence dated October 15, 2020 shall not be admitted at the hearing and review in this matter.


M. Cecilia Williams "
M. Cecilia Williams